How to Get Over Failing a Very Important Exam

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, things just don’t go your way. This situation mostly happens to people who take examinations. They had sleepless nights trying to grasp every information they would need but for some reason, they still fail. Perhaps, they were so worried about the test that they got details jumbled in their head.

ACMA Dubai voursesIf you are one of these people, you have to know that it’s okay. Failing is a part of learning and even if you studied so hard, things can still get messed up. But how do you rise up and try to pass the exam again? It can be challenging especially if you are trying to get an ACMA Dubai certification but it’s not impossible.

Here are some tips on how to get over your frustrations and be ready to get back on that exam room.

Accept the results. Moving on always starts with acceptance. If you’ve received the news a month ago and is still frustrated about it, you need to stop it now! This will not help you at all. You already had enough time to mourn about it. Now it’s time to man up and face the truth!

Be resilient. One of your ticket out of your frustrations is being resilient. Be strong! Otherwise, how are you going to get back on your game? To overcome your state, you have to pull out courage and shove of your negative feelings. It’s okay to be disappointed but staying too long on that phase will only put you in a stagnant position.

Get some inspiration. There are a lot of successful accounting professionals who attended series of ACMA Dubai courses out there that did not pass the exam in first take. However, it didn’t stop them. Know some of the people who went through the same experience as you and use them as your motivation to stand up and try again.

Rework your reviewing style. So it didn’t work the first time, it means it will not work on the second or third try. Find a different approach. You can try getting a study buddy. Genesis Institute says that reading out loud and using flashcards are effective ways.

How to Stay Awake In the Working Place

Staying awake at the workplace can be very challenging especially when you’re tired, exhausted, bored, or sleep-deprived. But before you grab offices Dubaithat cup of coffee, here are some of the healthy remedies to stimulate your senses and keep you productive throughout the day.

  1. Maximize your exposure to light. Your body’s internal rhythm is processed by the amount or exposure of light you receive. The higher your exposure, the more active you will feel. You can open your window blinds let some natural sunlight to come in. You can also have a walk outside for some added light and fresh air. If not possible, you can just turn on the lights in your offices Dubai or near your working area.
  1. Engage in conversation. Go and have a talk to a colleague or friends around. You can discuss your creative idea, business venture, the latest news, or any other topic that interests you. Choose to practice attentive listening and valuable conversation.
  1. Listen to upbeat music. If you are feeling sleepy, try to listen to some rock, hip-hop, or jazz to keep you alert. Plug in the earphones while singing and humming along to the beat.
  1. Have a good breakfast. As always been said, don’t skip the most important meal of the day. Take some fresh and healthy food like wholegrain breads, bran cereals, yogurt, and fruits. Avoid heavy food like greasy eggs, sausages, or pancakes.
  1. Drink lots of water. Keep a glass of water near you and sip from it from time to time throughout the day. Dehydration in offices in Dubai can leave you feeling sleepy, sluggish, tired, and non-productive.
  1. Splash cold water on your face. When you are really sleepy, try this during bathroom breaks, or in the morning. Being exposed to cold water forces your body to regulate its internal temperature that will keep you awake.
  1. Get moving. Stand up from your chair, have a walk outside, or climb the stairs. You can also do some simple and easy stretching during short breaks.

Tips on Wearing Undergarments Under a Bridal Dress

Wearing the perfect wedding dress is important in making you feel like a queen on your big day. But having the right undergarment is as important as wearing a proper fit bridal gown. The fit of your dress is essential, but you also need undergarments such as Dubai underwear and bras that work well with the style of your gown and your figure. Here are some of the things you need to remember so you will be feeling sexy and comfortable inside out in your big day.

Dubai underwear and bras

Do you have to wear white under your wedding dress?
Most wedding gowns are not see-through, however, it is still the best to wear something white, beige, or ivory under your gown. If you have a slim body, it is recommendable to not wear a bra, but have cups sewn inside the gown instead. It is also advisable for almost every bride to choose a long-line bra instead of the regular ones.

What’s a long-line bra?
This is a kind of bra that extends from your breasts to your waistline; it almost looks similar to a corset. These It will really accentuate your waist, give a nice support to your back, and smooth out your curve lines. Always remember that you are going to be on your feet for long hours so you really have to be comfortable inside out with your Dubai bras and underwear. There are many shops that will sew your bra into the dress, so you can dance your night out without having to constantly being worried or uncomfortable with everything.

When would you need to break out the shape wear?
If you are wearing an A-line wedding gown, you actually don’t need a shape wear. You only need shape wear for a style with a low hipline such as the mermaid styles.

Added Tips for the big day
You have to make sure you have someone at your last fitting who will help you with thing you need especially with sensitive things like your undergarments. That person should also be on your wedding day and can get you in your wedding dress properly.

How to Maintain and Give Proper Care for the Window Tinting of Your Car

After you have gone through the process of getting blue window tint film for your car, of course, you want to make sure it will last for a long blue window tint filmperiod of time. Giving the proper maintenance on your tinting will not only make sure that it will be intact for the years to come, but this will also help to maintain the overall look of the tint. Here are some basic reminders to make your car’s window tint looking nicer each day.

Clean Carefully

It is normal to assume that since the tint applied usually comes in scratch resistance coating, you will not mind whatever cleaning materials to be used. It is very important that you use type of cleaning materials that will not damage the coating. Harsh and sharp materials can still damage the window tint as the coating is intended for normal wear and tear only.  It will not protect against cleaning materials such as steel sponges. And there are cleaning agents that can be just as strong as those materials, including baking soda. Because of this, you should only use ordinary soapy water for cleaning for protection.

Make sure that you use a soft cloth the cleaning process. A rubber squeegee is the best to use in drying the glass quickly. You just have to make sure not to use a squeegee that includes sharp metal edge for this could scratch the film.

Bear in mind that the new window film will take two to three weeks to dry fully. This could take longer depending on film type, brand, Dubai based window film service, as well as the weather conditions. It is normal for the tinted windows to seem to have water bubble and may appear lumpy. Also, take note not to roll your tinted windows down for at least three to four days after the application. When cleaning you car’s tinted windows, you have to make sure that you use an cleaner that is ammonia-free, as ammonia is harmful and will wear the tint over time.

How to Choose the Right Fragrance for You

One of the things you shouldn’t forget to wear is a perfume. It’s the best add-on there is. When you put on a good perfume, you add handsome points to yourself. You don’t only get to have women turning around when you pass by, it’s also a great statement that you care for good hygiene.

We know it can be perplexing to choose the right perfume for you. There are tons of selections out there. From Calvin Klein perfumes Dubai to Bulgari fragrances, which one should you go for. Well, you should do your homework, which involves a lot of sniffing.

Don’t go for a certain perfume because your friends use it. You need to have your own signature. What works for them may not be able to work for your body. Here are some things you need to keep in mind.Gucci perfumes Dubai

Consider your personality

Your perfume represents you so you need something that shows your personality. Are you a finesse kind of man? Or a dominant one? Are you sporty or the businessman type? Are you fun or serious? Assess the way you are and match it with the perfume you choose.

Understand the family of fragrance

Commonly, perfumes fall into three categories: floral, fresh, oriental, amber, and woody. But nowadays, there are wide catergories. If you are a mysterious type of guy, the best one for you to choose are the ones that fall under the amber-scent like Gucci perfumes Dubai. For the guys that like adventures, woody smells fit them best. One the other hand, the romantic men usually wear the floral scent based perfumes. There are other members of the fragrance family. Get to know them all to see what represents you best.

Evaluate your body chemistry

Some fragrance smell great but it changes smell once it stays in a person’s body. There are those that smell better overtime and others don’t. You need to make sure that the scent you choose is match with your body’s natural scent, because when it’s not, it will not smell as good as you expect it to be. Before buying and settling into a perfume of your choice, get samples first and try them one by one for a day to know if it has a chemistry with your body.

How to Improve Quality Management in Business Process

quality control management DubaiFor a business, there is nothing more important than providing your consumers with high-quality products. So one of the keys to solidify your success is quality control management.

When we talk about quality control management Dubai, we’re pertaining to giving importance to maintaining a standard when it comes to how the products are being made, shifted, and so much more.  It’s also about continuously looking for innovative ways or new standards to uphold the superiority of the products you sell to your clients.

This may sound scary, especially if you are startup businessman. Your thoughts would probably be about the money because commonly, every enhancement made in a business process involves cashing out. Well, don’t worry. Improving your quality management process doesn’t need spending tons from the cashflow.

Here are some of the ways you can do to boost your quality management standards without increasing costs.

Assess the Current Process

How are the things going on right now? Are your workers following the guidelines when it comes to handling the products? Are there things that they think need to be improved? Go ahead and ask them. Combine the answers you are going to get with your own observation. Look at every process to see what’s right and what’s not.

Evaluate the Team

Does each member of the quality control team contributes to the work process? Are all of them performing efficiently? You need to ensure that every one of your hires are competent and worth your money. When some of them are lacking when it comes to performance, don’t immediately fire as this can ruin your company’s image and cost you more money since you need to rehire again. The best way is to send these people to training. They just need to acquire the proper skillset and they’ll be good to handle your products. The training can be done by the veterans in the company so you won’t need to spend for training costs.

Have a Preventive Plan

Bad things can happen and it can make your products go low when it comes to quality. Preparedness is key in quality control management. So don’t wait for unfortunate events to happen. Immediately come up with preventative ways. You can do routine checkups on equipment and hold monthly meetings with the team. This can ensure that every aspect of the production is maintained in the highest degree possible.

What to Avoid When Having Manicure and Pedicure Services in a Salon

Spa dubaiGreat looking nails are one of the obsessions of many women. You usually go to a salon and spa Dubai to have your nails done and have that relaxation at the same time. However, there are health-risks involve if you will not take extra careful in choosing a credible salon. A small prick with cuticle clippers or even bruises from a foot file can turn your relaxing moment into nightmare. Here are some of the common dangers that await you in a nail salon and you should keep an eye on this for your own safety.

Tools that are used repeatedly after a treatment.
This practice can you some fungal and bacterial infections and there are also cases of death because of severe infections. Contaminated tools are the number one cause of nail salon infections. The bacteria, molds, and viruses come into contact with clients when salon tools are shared that can lead to severe health risks. These shared instruments are also dangerous to the manicurist if they have any open abrasions or cuts. To be sure, you can bring your own instruments or have a pedicure at home Dubai.

Salon that only practice liquid sterilization.

Liquid sterilization only provides low-level of virus and germ protection while steam-sterilization kills germs and gives the best protection. Do not hesitate to check the bottle of the liquid used for disinfecting. The nail salon instruments should be in a bath for a full 10 to 20 minutes in to be fully disinfected.

Untidy surroundings with too much clutter.
Dirty environment easily attracts fungi and bacteria. Poor evacuation piping, clutter, dirt, and air filtration all breeds germs. Additionally, employees who don’t wash hands between clients are also risky.

Disposable tools should be disposed of between treatments.
If you see any disposables such as files, buffers, and orange sticks that are staining or have nail polish stains or which indicate they were previously used, seek the attention of the staff or worse, call the local sanitary and health department. There is an obvious reason why they are called “disposables”.

Evalutating Your Office Ergonomics

You have been running a company for so long but you never had the idea to check if your employees are comfortable in their work stations. Every corner may look comfy and every room may be visually appealing but it doesn’t mean that it’s already a great place for people to work. Unfortunately, most companies settle for a beautifully designed office without considering ergonomics.

modern office furniture DubaiErgonomics. Seeing this word probably got you all confused. What exactly is ergonomics? To put it simply, it is the process of studying your employees’ proficiency in an office environment. It is all about the making sure that each of them moves and sits well inside the work location. It means ensuring that each of your employees are comfortable.

Choosing the right office furniture in Dubai plays a major role in improving ergonomics in a work location. Sometimes, what’s aesthetically pleasing isn’t really comfortable. For example, your office chairs. They may look elegant but are they able to support your employees’ back properly?

This is where physical ergonomics comes to play. There are other types of ergonomics but this one is the biggest problem in most office locations. It revolves around evaluating people’s working postures, materials handling, movements, work related musculoskeletal disorders, and other things that deals with health and safety.

Run a survey at your office and see if your modern office furniture Dubai like their chair is causing health problems to your employees such as numbness, back and shoulder pain, swelling, stressed joints, etc. If these symptoms are present, it’s likely because of their desk and chairs.

According to OSHA, about 10,000 employees yearly acquires chronic pain and injuries due to their work environment and about ¼ of them are simply sitting in the office. When there are aches and pains, there are absences which means less productivity.

Everrest Furniture Factory recommends companies to look for chairs that meet the ergonomic standards. When buying office chairs, you must choose the ones that allow people to place their feet firmly on the floor. Also, the backrest should be able to support the spine properly. It is suggested to have a backrest with a dimension of 380-540 mm. This is enough to provide comfort to people who sits all day at work.

For the table, it is important that employees can comfortably place their legs underneath the desk. This allows them to sit in the most comfortable position. Their elbows when seated should be of the same height of the desk, allowing them to type on their PCs without hassles.

Introduction to Chair Ergonomics from Sitbetter on Vimeo.

Guide to Successfully Remodeling Your Bathtub

Deciding to remodel your bathroom can really be challenging. But don’t worry, you don’t really have to be an architect to be able to successfully go through bathroom renovation. Just follow our simple tips and you’ll be properly guided when coming up with a more modern bathroom interior design. These pieces of nuggets can help you build your dream bathroom space. Here are they:

modern bathroom interior designStart with deciding the layout. You need to make sure everything fits before you start buying furnishings for your bathroom. So your first step should be deciding the layout. You can keep the old one but it’s best to have something new because your goal is to give your bathroom a fresh look. When you plan the layout, be sure to keep the plumbing drains and water lines in mind. This ensures that your bathroom will go as planned.

Keep in mind the lighting. Proper lighting can make a space look larger than it actually is. One of the biggest part when creating great lighting is placing mirrors. Because mirrors reflect light, it makes a space look roomier and comfortable. Aside from that, you should mount relaxing lights at an eye-level. Place these lights each side of the mirror. When you look at this mirror, it will help you see your face clearer, effectively eliminating shadows.

Use the tub to make a statement. The focal point of every bathroom is, none other than, the bathtub. You need to choose the best one for your space and theme as it has a great impact on the outcome of your remodeling. Nowadays, a freestanding bathtub is the number one choice for homeowners.

Be picky with your bathroom floor. You want a flooring that doesn’t break easily. When choosing tiles, go for the ones that can manage being exposed to water for long periods and that are slip-resistant. For better traction, it’s best to have a honed finish for your flooring.

Get professional help. If you live in like most houses, you probably have an average bathroom space, which is of course, not too big. So when designing, you should get help from a professional interior designer so you would be able to utilize the spaces in the most effective way. You can contact Broadway Interiors when coming up with a bathroom interior design. They can help produce a space-saving and relaxing bath area.



Fundamental Things Amateur Video Editors Should Keep in Mind

commercial editing studio DubaiYou’ve been shooting videos for all your life but not once you ever tried editing one. Perhaps, now is the right time. Learning how to cut and stich clips, whether on a simple software or a commercial editing studio Dubai, can be a great help. You can take advantage of your video editing skill in two ways:

  1. You can edit in a way you exactly want. You don’t have to communicate how you feel to an editor and how the short film should go. You can take the DIY approach and do precisely as you want it to be. The project will become more personal and memorable for you.
  2. You can save from the editing costs. There are few commercial editing studio that offer post-production for a low cost. In Dubai, this service can be hefty with the exemption of Tambi Studios. You can avoid the hassle of putting out money from your pocket when you learn how to enhance and revamp a raw video on your own.

Here are some of the fundamental points to remember when just starting to learn video editing.

Avoid doing jump cuts. There is nothing an audience hate more than a jump cut. A jump cut is when two different shots from one camera setup but with a different subject is placed consecutively. This is usually done by amateurs when they want to delete a certain part of the scene. You can get away with a jump shot by using a fade transition.

Cut clips creatively. When you have a subject speaking in front of the camera, never cut it on the same time the person stop talking. You need to inject creativity. Most experienced video editors insert dramatic shots or try to pan left or tilt up to the blue sky. They would stitch this to a scene where the camera is panning to the right or tilting down from the sky.

Work in an organized manner. Bring out the story board and follow it. If you are working on a computer software, it is best to name the files according to their manner of sequence so you won’t lose track of the proper flow.