Fundamental Things Amateur Video Editors Should Keep in Mind

commercial editing studio DubaiYou’ve been shooting videos for all your life but not once you ever tried editing one. Perhaps, now is the right time. Learning how to cut and stich clips, whether on a simple software or a commercial editing studio Dubai, can be a great help. You can take advantage of your video editing skill in two ways:

  1. You can edit in a way you exactly want. You don’t have to communicate how you feel to an editor and how the short film should go. You can take the DIY approach and do precisely as you want it to be. The project will become more personal and memorable for you.
  2. You can save from the editing costs. There are few commercial editing studio that offer post-production for a low cost. In Dubai, this service can be hefty with the exemption of Tambi Studios. You can avoid the hassle of putting out money from your pocket when you learn how to enhance and revamp a raw video on your own.

Here are some of the fundamental points to remember when just starting to learn video editing.

Avoid doing jump cuts. There is nothing an audience hate more than a jump cut. A jump cut is when two different shots from one camera setup but with a different subject is placed consecutively. This is usually done by amateurs when they want to delete a certain part of the scene. You can get away with a jump shot by using a fade transition.

Cut clips creatively. When you have a subject speaking in front of the camera, never cut it on the same time the person stop talking. You need to inject creativity. Most experienced video editors insert dramatic shots or try to pan left or tilt up to the blue sky. They would stitch this to a scene where the camera is panning to the right or tilting down from the sky.

Work in an organized manner. Bring out the story board and follow it. If you are working on a computer software, it is best to name the files according to their manner of sequence so you won’t lose track of the proper flow.

Do You Have What it Takes to Effectively Manage People?

management skills DubaiDo you aspire to become a manager? Perhaps you have a management degree and a couple of internship experience but are these enough to help you succeed in the position? Well, the truth is no. You can have proper education and practice but if you don’t have the right set of skills, then you cannot be a manager.

What are these management skills Dubai that we are talking about? We’ve listed the vital ones below. If you believe you don’t embody most of them, then you should try looking for another career.

Effective Organization

It is important for a manager to be able to know how to organize the things that he is handling. He should know how to keep his people intact and make them follow the processes and guides that he implements.

Excellent Time Management

When a manager doesn’t know how to properly manage his time, there are chances that his people will be affected. The whole department won’t be able to meet deadlines or even complete work. An effective manager is someone who knows how to prioritize work and projects.

Outstanding Interpersonal Skills

A manager works directly with a team of people. When you are managing people, you need to have a strong relationship with them. Having a good bond with your people helps them to stay motivated and more confident to function

Great at Delegation

One of the most common complaint by employees to their managers is improper delegation. Some people work nonstop while others have nothing to do at all. This causes people to resent the company that they are working them. Effective managers who underwent management development and training from Dual Impact know that it’s their duty to make sure every task is properly delegated to people.

Exceptional forward-planning

An excellent manager understand that it is his duty to plan ahead even if all things are going smooth as of the moment. This helps detect possible problems that the department can face on the coming days.

Incomparable Problem-solving skill

There are always bumps on the road. There are problems that could go a manager’s way no matter how careful or prepared he is. However, he can rise above them all if he has effective problem solving talent. Managers need to remain composed and concentrated as they think of solutions.

Going for a Cruise? Keep These Things in Mind

Cruise. What was the first thing that came to your mind when you read that word? If you are like most people, you’ve probably pictured out a luxurious trip that provides total relaxation. Well, that’s exactly right.

Getting on board is the much-needed, fun-filled activity for your family. Don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be spending a lot. When you go for private boat cruise Dubai instead of cruising on a luxury ship, you can save a lot of money but get the same experience.

best private boat cruise DubaiSince this is going to be your first time sailing on a best private boat cruise Dubai, you may have little knowledge about the safety precautions you should observe while on the sea vessel. So we’ve asked one of the leading boat charter company, Deep Blue Sea Fishing and Yacht Charter to provide us some cruising safety tips. Here are what we’ve gathered:

Bring a medicine kit. Cruising is fun but sometimes, you can get seasick. In this regard, you need to be prepared in order to keep your sailing experience a breeze. Go to the nearest pharmacy and buy over-the-counter meds like aspirin and other pain relievers. Also, don’t forget to pack diarrhea medicines. It’s hard to have your stomach aching while at the sea. You can also ask a doctor for a sea sickness prescription for you and your kids.

Tone it down. Don’t believe the media, you don’t need to be all glammed up when you ride a boat. You are there to relax and possibly party. Leave the fancy jewelries and expensive watches at home. You won’t need them. Focus on spending quality time and not taking selfies.

Inform ahead about your allergies. Do you have peanut or seafood allergy? Are you lactose intolerant? Is your family vegetarian? You should inform the yacht charter before the cruise about your requirements or preferences so that there will be no hassles while on board.

Stick to a budget. It’s easy to spend lavishly while on board since you have the “millionaire vibe.” However, you don’t want to be crying when you reach the shore because you spent most of your family’s saving for that boat cruise. Always keep your guard up when it comes to your finances. The trip is supposed to be a memorable experience and not something that you regret doing.

How to Avoid Scams in Online Investments

The internet is an excellent tool for investing money. Unfortunately, because of the absence of certain rules on the web, may scammers also findforex trading in UAE a better way to target their victims. So, if you are eyeing in investing your money on Forex trading in UAE, stocks or mutual funds, here are some precautionary measures to reduce the possibilities of becoming a victim of fraud.

Pay Attention
There are different tools available online that enables a person in creating a basic website with little money or effort. The reality is even those bad guys know how to build websites easily. They also know that a lot of people pay little attention to details on some frauds lurking around. They take advantage on making some simple websites that will fool people around and will generate money for them.

To avoid this, you have to pay attention to the quality websites, especially when investments in UAE Forex trading are involved. You have to check the level of typographical errors and content that really doesn’t make sense and bad graphic design and logos that are alarms that a website may be fake.

Apply Common Sense
Scammers are masters of doing some promises to deliver something for nothing. Spam emails, online investment newsletters, and Internet message boards, are three of the most common instruments of the criminal trade. The best way to protect yourself is just to apply common sense. If  something looks too good to be true, like a million dollar profit or some raffle prizes that you need who pay first to claim, then you must avoid those things.

Contact the Regulators
Check with your country or local security regulators to see if there have been complaints filed against that particular company.

Conduct Fundamental Research
If the company that you found online has passed all of the other screens, it’s time to do some research. You can get copies of the company’s financial statements and analyze them. You can also know the company’s leaders especially if the company claims to be the largest supplier of certain products and services. You must exert a lot of effort to know as much about the company that you will be dealing with.

How to Adjust to a New School Abroad

Moving to UAE this coming school year? You’re lucky! The British education system in Abu Dhabi schools can definitely help you broaden your knowledge. You’ll have a great learning experience that is high quality and one of the best a student can find.

At this point, your fears of moving into a school abroad is rising up. This is normal. Who wouldn’t feel scared especially that you’ll be leaving your childhood friends behind? But whatever you are thinking right now, you should drop those thoughts. It isn’t really that frightening to enter a new school in a different country. All you have to do is prepare yourself for it and you’ll surely be able to adjust quickly.british education system in abu dhabi schools

Here are some tips for teens moving abroad for educational purposes. Learn from these and you’ll surely feel like home to your new school.

Read about the place. Acquaint yourself about UAE. This way, you’ll not be so clueless and you can set your expectations about the people in the region. Educate yourself by reading books, online articles, and magazines. This is paramount to be able to adapt to your new environment. ,

Respect cultural differences. If this is your first time to go out of your native soil, you may experience culture shock. This means that you’ll be surprised to how other people lead their life. It’s natural. However, be sure to always respect the differences. Other people may not be brought up the same as you but this doesn’t mean that you should judge them. In UAE, their religion and traditions are very important. Learn about them so you’ll know exactly how to act.

Be sociable. Always smile at other students whether you are enrolled to local or British schools Abu Dhabi. When you show positivity, people will see you as someone who is friendly and approachable. Of course, you need a new social circle. Making new friends can help you adjust quickly to your new environment.

Don’t mind the language barrier. In UAE, Arabic is the mother tongue. But there are so many different nationalities in the country, thus, you can hear different languages. Don’t let the language stop you from talking to people. Just approach them and be friendly. Who knows, in a month or two, you can learn a new language.



How to Handle the Challenge of Sales Rejection

Sales is a very challenging job and covers of pressure from preparing the sales materials, sales pitching up to following up only to receive a negative response – a rejection. If you are a sales guy, handling the rejection would mean a different story. Here are some pointers to help yout pull through.

online shopping dubai

Clarify the Reasons Behind the Objections. Most of the common objections from potential clients from online shopping Dubai are statements like “I’m not interested”, do not really give you any idea of the reasons why your lead wants to end the sales call abruptly. You can respond to these objections by allowing the prospect client to state a clear reason why he or she is not interested. Ask politely in a good manner.

Change the Conversation Dynamic. Changing the conversation dynamic between you and the potential customer is a good way to handle a sales rejection. You can do this by simply by acknowledging the potential customer’s position while continuing the conversation smoothly.

Don’t Let Timing of a Sales Call Close the Door. Potential clients usually use the phrase “This is not a good time” as one of their way to reject a sales call or pitch. You can clarify the reasons behind this objection so that you can build some alternatives in the conversation lead the sales pitch forward.

Use Price as an Opportunity to Build Value Price in Dubai best online shopping store, UAE is one of the most common reasons for objections you would hear on a sales calls, or pitch. Even if you have excellently done a great job in building the value of your products and services, the price will always and still be the concern for your potential client. You can help winning still the client by telling how worth the product and services to your price.

Handle Rejections with Composure and Move Forward. Objections can be hard to handle because sometimes the clients’ objection does not even present as a rejection at first stage.

You can overcome these objections, by simply understanding where are these statements are coming from; maybe there are other concerns, such as concerns on price value. The best way to handle this kind of situation is to be direct in clarifying things.


Green Plants that Purify Indoor Air

uae online dealsAir pollution in any closed property – office, home or shops can be worse than the outside pollution outside. That is why you should always do necessary things to be able to clean the air indoors. Buying products made with chemicals can have toxic that can also pollute your living and working space. These are the products like vinyl flooring, air fresheners, or pressed wood made with formaldehyde, that when fill the air with chemicals can really harm your health.

Placing household plants in different parts of the house or any indoor facility is a great way to have fresh air. Here are few in the list:

Peace Lily. This plant adapts well even with low light but still needs watering in a weekly basis. Take note that this is not very good if you have pets since it is poisonous for them. Peace lily get rids the air of the carcinogen found in paints called VOC benzene, furniture polishes and wax and polishes. It also absorbs acetone, which comes out from by adhesive tapes, electronics from UAE online deals, and some cleaners.

English Ivy. This climbing vine in heart shapes can adapt even in small spaces. It also can survive in rooms even with not so many windows or little sunlight. Its absorbis formaldehyde—the most common indoor pollutant which came from synthetic carpet dyes and wood floorboard resins.

Lady Palm. These plants absorb ammonia which can really damage the respiratory system. This plant also get rid in the air some major ingredient in textiles, cleaners, and dyes from online deals UAE.

Boston Fern. Boston fern plants looks like curved fronds and feather-like leaves that best suits to be put in hanging baskets indoors. This plant is considered one of the most efficient air purifiers, but it is quite difficult to have inside the house because of the need of constant humidity and moisture. This plant works well in removing formaldehyde which is found as a ingredient on  glues, pressed wood products that includes plywood paneling, cabinetry, and furniture.

Snake Plant. This sharp-leafed plant can live even in low light. During the night, this plant absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.

What Restaurateurs Can Do to Make Their Website More Effective

Most restaurateurs think that online marketing is just about making their website appear on the first page of Google and getting high amount of page traffic. So they focus on doing SEO and PPC to get their sites on top.

Dubai online marketingWhile nothing is wrong with these strategies, all of their efforts and money can go to waste if they don’t assess the conversion probability of their website. If you want to get the most of your restaurant website, then you should consider checking if it is the kind that will bring in sales to your company.

Here are some points that every restaurant owners should consider about their website.

  1. Remove flash. The popularity of flash has died years ago. So if you are still using it on your website, you should definitely remove it. Flash makes website load slowly. And you don’t want to make your potential customers pissed while waiting. Apart from that, Flash doesn’t work on mobile devices such as iPad and Smartphones. Remember, most of searches come from gadgets and not from a desktop.
  2. Use WordPress. It’s a powerful content management system (CMS) that gives you full control over your content. You can easily create a page for blog, menus, contact details, about us, online reservations, and calendars. Another thing about WordPress is that it is SEO-friendly. This can help you have higher success in your online marketing in Dubai.
  3. Update your online menu. Your menu is the reason why people flock to your website after finding you on the search result page. You should never leave your menu not updated. It is your website’s main attraction. When people see an old menu, they might be looking for something more that you actually offer. It’s just bad they did not see it on your menu, so they just look on other restaurant websites. You don’t want this to happen. Your Dubai online marketing efforts will not bring in success to your business but to your competitors’ business.
  4. Don’t overdo your website. Most restaurateurs aim to give the web users a glimpse of ambience and look of their restaurant on their website. But this is a mistake because they stuff their site so much with unnecessary elements like animations, music, focusing on a very visual experience, but hiding most important details. A simple yet enticing website is what you should go for. People are more after what can easily provide them the information that they need. Place your contact number where people can see it without scrolling down the page and be sure to show your restaurant timings.


5 Reasons Why Web Apps are Awesome

If you feel that websites are too costly especially in the maintenance and support process, then you are right. Traditional websites need constant checking. Are there updates that you need to install? How about bugs? Are there some that managed to get into your platform? It’s kind of tiring and expensive to always be looking after these things.Web Application Development

This is why, you should switch to a web-based application. If you are wondering what it is, a web application is any application software that runs in a web browser and is created in a browser-supported programming language (such as the combination of JavaScript, HTML and CSS) and relies on a web browser to render the application.

It’s a superior than the traditional desktop application because of the following reasons:

1.  You don’t need to install it. Web application development experts say that web apps are better because you never have to install it. Apart from the fact that it will not affect your hard drive space, web apps lives in the Internet, meaning, you’ll always have the latest version every time you and your clients launch it.

2.  You don’t have to update. Unlike in traditional desktop sites, you don’t need to patch each and every individual user of your web app. This is because, each of your user receives an updated version the next time they log in.

3.  You don’t have to regularly check for threats. Web apps have less environmental conflicts. Basically, you won’t encounter many bugs because your website is not depending on any hardware which usually causes bug problems.

4.  You don’t have to worry about expensive support and maintenance costs. Because with a web app, the browser serve as your platform, there will be less operational support costs and maintenance. Companies that offer web application development Dubai guarantee that there will be no need for expensive operating system gurus on hand to help with installation problems. That’s great, right?

5.  You don’t have to think about viruses. When there is no installation, there are no viruses. Start shorting all those Anti-Virus stocks! You will not be needing them anymore.

How to Effectively Take Notes in Class

Taking notes is very important in a student’s life. It is a great way to remember important concepts your professor emphasized in Projector Projectorclass from the projector. Not only does taking notes help when preparing for an exam, but it also to forces you to listen more carefully during lectures. More so, taking your own notes allows you to put concepts in your own terms, making it easier for you to understand them.

Usually, what your professor lectures about in class is what will show up on tests. Pay close attention in class, as professors often give slight hints, or even explicitly tell you what will be on a test. Quality notes also help you feel more organized and prepared. Having a sense of organization will increase your confidence, which in turn will enhance your performance on test day.

1. Be prepared for class. Have a notebook dedicated to taking notes only for that class. Remember to have extra pens and pencils, and even highlighters so you can highlight important terms or concepts. Take a binder or folder where you can organize your notes or any handouts you receive during class. Ask your professor if you can set a tape recorder on your desk during class, so that you can revisit the lecture later on to determine if there was any important information you missed in your notes.

2. Learn how to be a good listener. During class, focus only on the instructor who uses portable projector for Schools. Try not to be distracted by other students, and remember to turn your cell phone off. By anticipating and eliminating distractions, you will be able to better direct your attention. Remember, you do not need to write down everything your instructor says. It is your job to discern what is important enough to take notes on. When your professor stresses a key concept, not only will it likely be on the test as a direct question, but it could be the basis for solving several other questions on the same test.

3. Learn how to take notes in a way that is helpful to you. It is important that you develop a note-taking method that suits your learning style and works best for you. This may include using a notebook, flash cards, and even different colored pens to identify important terms. You should also use abbreviations when taking notes as opposed to writing full sentences, which is extremely time-consuming. Put concepts in your own words so that when you go back to study your notes you will easily know what your instructor was discussing. Paraphrasing material is a great way to check your understanding of core concepts.

4. Compare notes with other students. By comparing notes with others, you gain perspective and see what other students in the class found to be salient information. Collaborating and discussing topics covered in class not only helps you to better understand content for an upcoming test, but it also gives you valuable insight about how other students have learned to succeed in classes taught by even the most demanding professors.

5. Review, edit, and organize your notes. Oftentimes, notes become messy and disorganized because you are trying to keep up with the professor during the lecture. It is worth the additional time to rewrite your notes in a more organized way. Also, research any terms or concepts you didn’t completely understand during the lecture. Additionally, in order to protect the content you’ve spent hours creating, you’ll need to keep your notes in an organized, safe place. Clearly label the binder or folder you are using for each class. If you are taking notes on your laptop, create a backup file on a zip drive in case your computer crashes the night before a test.